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Our Mission: As a tourism company, we offer a beautiful and unforgettable vacation, carefully selecting each item we offer. Our services are professional and with a lot of responsibility. We offer a variety of travel programs, based on the imperial cities of: Marrakech, Meknes , Fez, Rabat. Our mission is to provide travelers with the best personalized services. No matter where in the world you visit us, our treatment and prices are the same ….. Makemoroccotours welcomes you

Ouzoud Waterfalls

The Ouzoud Waterfalls are the highest in North Africa and are 150 km from Marrakech, it is one of the most visited


From Marrakech we are heading for adventure, exploring the ancient Portuguese city of Essaouira. You can breathe fresh air up the Scala, the square facing the ocean ..

Ait ben haddou

Cross the magnificent Atlas Mountains to discover two of the most beautiful deserts in Morocco. In an air-conditioned van, see canyons, palm groves and mountain villages.


There are basic jaimas and also small palaces, the standard jaimas have their bath and shower services in an auxiliary jaima, but many have them inside, as well as beds and all the comforts they can enjoy in a hotel room.


You want to enjoy a fun experience, experienced in the desert, either with your partner or with your friends, a guided route with all-terrain vehicles, is the best option.

4x4 routes in the desert

The Sahara desert is a perfect setting to embark on an adventure in spectacular dunes with drivers who know perfectly the roads that will enter the heart of the desert, making stops to take impressive images, the Fall of the Sun, the Dawn.

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What documents are required for entry to Morocco?

Foreign nationals wishing to enter Morocco must be provided with a passport valid at least for the proposed duration of the stay. National identity cards are not recognized to enter the Moroccan territory. Travelers from Europe, USA, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Japan, Turkey, United Arab Emirates,.. do not need a visa and may stay up to 90 days. For a complete list of visa–free Countries, please visit the websites of the Embassy or the Consulate of the Kingdom of Morocco in your Country.

What is the Moroccan currency? Can I pay in Euros / dollars?

The currency used in Morocco is the Moroccan dirham (about 1 euro = 10 Dirhams). In tourist places you can frequently pay also in euro and dollars. Nevertheless, we suggest you to exchange some money at your arrival in order to avoid unfavorable exchange rates. We also recommend you always to exchange currency at local banks or certified agencies.

What are the most important airports in Morocco?

The main airports in Morocco are: Casablanca Mohamed V, Marrakech, Fez, Tangier, Rabat. If you wish to visit the South of the Country, we suggest you to fly to Casablanca, Marrakech or Fez, in order to avoid long journeys by car, train or bus. If you travel with Direction Sud, we can plan your trip with arrival/departure from all the airport of the Country, according to your preferences.

What is the best time to go to Morocco?

For the desert, preferably between February and March and from September until November.
For the coast, preferably from April until September.
For the mountains, preferably from April until September


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